Grices Road Sewerage Lift Pump Station

Name: Grices Road Sewerage Lift Pump Station

Client: South East Water

Construction Duration: September 2013 to October 2014

Project Scope:
Stage 1 – Wet Well Structure Design and construction of 6.5m diameter, 13.5m deep reinforced concrete wet well. Construction utilising caisson construction technique.

Stage 2 – Mechanical, Electrical and Outfall Sewer Design and construction (civil, mechanical and electrical) of complete pump station for ultimate 650L/S flows. Pumps and controls installed for initial 120L/S phase 1 flow. Design and construction of inlet pipework and discharge gravity main including connection to existing sewer, design and construction of inlet arrangement, isolation, dividing walls, access ladder, walkways and safety grates. Protective coating to concrete surfaces.