Spencer Street Sewer Augmentation

Name: Spencer Street Sewer Augmentation (Stage 1)

Client: City West Water

Construction Duration: July 2017 to December 2018

Project Scope:
The current sewer in Spencer Street is over 100 years old and is due to reach capacity by 2019. The Spencer Street Sewer Augmentation includes upgrading over 700m of sewer in Spencer Street between Lt Lonsdale Street and Flinders Ln. Various property/main connections are required along the alignment, ultimately terminating at Flinders Ln where flow will be redirected into the existing brick sewer.

Major Construction Milestones

  • Construction of 4 major shafts and 3 minor shafts using the ring and timber method
    • Launch shaft (6m x 4.5m) at Lonsdale Street measuring 13m deep
    • Intermediate shaft (3.5m ID) at Bourke St measuring 13m deep
    • Intermediate shaft (4.5m x 4m) at Flinders Ln measuring 7m deep
    • Retrieval shaft (4.5m x 3.5m) at Flinders Ln measuring 11m deep
  • Micro-tunnelling 600m of 1500mm diameter GRP jacking pipe between Lonsdale St and Flinders Ln a single drive. Completed in May 2018
  • 110m of 380mm diameter pipe installed using a smaller Vermeer Axis Laser Guided Boring machine between Lonsdale St and Lt Lonsdale St
  • Installation of 3 prefabricated GRP Hobas manholes
    • Lonsdale St – 2.5m OD
    • Bourke St – 2.1m OD
    • Flinders Ln – 2.5m OD
  • Installation and connection of a major prefabricated Hobas external drop structure between Flinders Ln manhole and existing MEL sewer manhole

As part of the Spencer Street Sewer Upgrade, Quinn Civil were required to assist City West Water in delivering community relations to minimise community impact through a dedicated on the ground resource with a background in site management and engineering. They provided invaluable assistance and education to the communication department as well as supporting this high impact project in gathering community acceptance and understanding. Bothar Boring played a huge role in this with flexible programming and, developing an understanding around working requirements and community impacts of their processes.